Advanced Coding Solution ( ACS )

An all health system, clinic, or practice solution

The Advanced Coding System (ACS) from CorroHealth identifies clinical documentation improvements, ensures coding compliance, and proactively manages payer integrity. Created by a team of physicians, nurses, and credentialed coders with extensive experience in charge management, ACS helps clients:

  • Achieve greater compliance with CMS guidelines
  • Increase accuracy in charge capture and reduce chart turnaround time
  • Substantially increase defensible net revenue

A Solution for Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent Care and Physician Practices

Innovative 5-Stage Workflow Including:

Monitoring of charts by client management staff
Interactive real-time chart status views

Past and Current Charge Comparison

With facility determined filter criteria for comparison monthly, quarterly, or annually

Key Solution Components

  • Pre-bill Auditing Assessments – covering E/M, Procedures, Infusions/Injections and Diagnosis
  • Custom Algorithms – designed for E/M Facility, Professional fee coding and anesthesia services
  • Infusion and Injection Calculator – creating precision in charging complex therapies, including chemotherapy
  • Denial Management Workflow Tracking
  • CPT Directory – including modifier edits
  • Diagnosis Encoder – with age, gender, national, and local coverage determination edits
  • Observation Calculator – capable of subtracting monitored procedures

Our Methodology

While ACS can be tailored to fit client specific methodologies, the solution is built to support a proprietary resource-based methodology. The CorroHealth methodology with ACS accounts solely for the resources expended during patient care in the Emergency Department. A Cumulative score is calculated based on the types of resources provided and patient acuity. A built-in tiered approach for resource allocation allows for accurate representation across complex scenarios.

Robust Business Intelligence

A robust set of reporting tools are provided within ACS. These interactive reports and dashboards provide:

  • Trend tracking
  • Actionable insights from complex data with interactive BI
  • E/M Level of Service analysis for both facility and professional
  • Comprehensive monthly revenue of charts completed
  • ROI and education opportunities for providers and nurses
  • Provider documentation revenue improvement analysis
  • Physician RVU
  • Infusion and Injection No-Stop time revenue opportunity analysis

The ACS methodology supports:

  • Consistency
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Accurate value representation of resources utilized in the ED
  • Alignment with CMS 11 guiding principles
  • Audit trails and compliance
  • User friendly design

Delivered Per Chart Improvement from ACS


Critical Access Hospitals


Children’s Hospitals


Health Systems


Short Term Acute Care Hospitals